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Payment By bitcoins – is the cheapest and our preferred method click join now to pay by bitcoin with full instructions. You can use PayPal, Cash, Bank Transfer & Credit/Debit Cards to purchase bitcoins.


Sign up to Coinbase purchase and send $29.99 in BTC if using Credit / Debit card

Pay By – Paypal Direct Bank Payment

Sign up to Local Bitcoins purchase and send $29.99 in BTC if using Paypal or Your Bank Account

We recommend using Localbitcoins for no ID or Coinbase if ID is not a problem

To join our members only area it is $29.99 (USD)for 3 months membership payable by bitcoin click one of links above to buy bitcoins then send them to our bitcoin address.

To convert $30 to the correct bitcoin amount as of this moment Click Here

Our Bitcoin Address:


Send your payment to our bitcoin address, screenshot the payment and email us a copy of the screen shot and transaction id.

Any questions email us now.