PayPal Payments USA

Membership by gift card is $50 for 3 months as we are charged large exchange fees of up to 50% of the gift card value when redeeming gift cards, this is the reason membership is slightly more when paying by Gift Card.

We accept Google Play E Gift Cards as Payment by PayPal

To Send us a $50 Google Play Gift Card Click Here

(Link for gift card will open in a new window)

Instructions for sending the gift card to us:

  • 1.) In their email box put our email address: [email protected]
  • 2: In the From Box: put your name / Email Address
  • 3.) In the message box put your email address! without this we cant track you order very important.
  • 4.) Take a screen shot on your phone or device of the complete gift card before you submit the gift card, you will need this to send to us after you purchase.
  • 5.) Send the gift card then email us the screen shot advising us you have paid, please use the same email address to contact us as you used on the giftcard.

We aim to process all memberships within 24 hours, if you have not heard from us in that time our email has ended up in your spam folder so check it.

All memberships are 3 months from date of purchase.